7 commenti su “Two years ago I was very much in love or The Story of an Ungrateful B*tch

  1. You don't have to be a "non-itchy, siamese-twin-joined-by-the-hip, lingering lovebird" to love. And you don't have to show your love with flowers and stuff.

    Actually it's ok just to be and unite in the daily round abouts. It works for me and has for years.

    PS. I also hate the starring stuff and look what I've done for you, so repay. Just doesn't do the trick. You simply have to find a guy who's thinks the same 🙂

  2. @susling:
    Hey, welcome back =).
    My point exactly. I took this post to the extreme because it was fun (and a little bit true). It is probably the whole "look what I've done for you, so repay"-issue that really ticks me off.
    And I am really happy you feel the same about the staring stuff – I was starting to feel like a freak here =).
    So thanks =).

  3. Haha, loved this post and its honesty. Know what I think? It's also suffocating because there's really not anything original about the whole scene. Picking you up and taking you for a walk through a really awesome art exhibit, surprising you with a new dress, bringing you on a hike with a picnic at the top of a hill? Probably not as suffocating!!

  4. @jodi:
    Good to see you here Girl!
    Exactly, could be more refreshing too. A thought crossed my mind reading your comment; I might bloody rent a Valentines date for next year if I'm still single by then. And get my moneys worth of museum-hike-helicopter-ride-no-stare Valentines date.

    Or just be home, alone, and miserable ;).

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