i thought you were kidding me. Università degli studi di Milano compares the garbino wind to the föhn that induces these symptoms.

BBC Weather has this to say about it:
It is the name of the wind that blows in the European Alps, but is now used as a generic term for any similar lee wind. It gains its warmth from the air being compressed as it descends down the lee slope of a mountain and historically has been blamed for symptoms such as headaches, depression and even suicide among people living in its path.*

*Might I add: ….symptoms such as whiskey-drinking, excessive thinking, insomnia and urges to watch American Psycho for the umpteenth time…

2 thoughts on “Whoa Nick

  1. Here in the Rimini when there's no one else to blame
    we say: eehhh… l'è e garbein! (It's garbino's fault).
    Garbino is the vernacular name for the warm 'scirocco' wind blowing from the south…

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