Terrorizing my peacelily

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Actually I’m quite good with plants. I love them and they seem to like me. My peacelily has been a little sick lately, and is, though healthylooking, not flowering anymore. While I just supposed it is in between flowerings, (these plants will flower again and again) I googled it to be sure. And I came upon a gardenforum where somebody had posted my exact query. Somebody else had answered the post. “The trick is to make the plant think it’s gonna die. Then it will flower again”.

So now I am slowly but inexorably terrorizing the poor plant, whispering “You’re gonna die”, “Thirsty yet, bitch ?” and “I’ll kill you” everytime I pass it. Hoping for flowers.

5 thoughts on “Terrorizing my peacelily

  1. @anna:
    yeah, I am afraid so. Would be nice though (if very politically incorrect) if one could terrorize people into giving their best, right ? I'll let you know about the plant though, I've been insulting it all morning, it's already looking better =).

  2. i have another solution:
    dress up like an infamous plants parasite
    (something like "Sarcodes Sanguinea" would do)
    and scare the damn plant to death

    i tried once with a baobab but it slapped me with a branch…sigh!

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