I got to work at the restaurant today and realized we hadn’t many reservations. Actually, one person might handle them all, and two of us were working. So I changed from my suit back into jeans and my old t-shirt, and got to work in our courtyard while the other waiter; S took care of our guests. A little piece of heaven it is. Potentially. I have never seen it in use, I have worked there since November and I have never once imagined what it might be like.
In the tender sunlight of today I suddenly envisioned it; flowers everywhere, tables set with immaculate tablecloths, plates and glasses sparkling in the sun, happy people everywhere, sipping crisp white wine, eating antipasti,  laughing and enjoying themselves.
And I got to work.
I was done after 5 hours; it was dark. I had picked up all the dead leaves from the winter, weeded out all the evergreen plants, found broken glasses, cigarettebutts, bottlecaps, phonenumbers, coins and cigarstubs in the garden furniture. Left there over the winter. I cleaned up the beautiful old dark wooden planks, scraped off candlewax and birdpoo. Got out a big ole’ bucket of soapwater and got down on my knees and elbows to scrub the wood. And I found little green plants sprouting everywhere. Underneath the old leaves, the mess, the human waste. I couldn’t believe all this could have survived through the winter, and I felt I was witnessing a miracle, it took on a meaning beyond logic.
It was pure therapy and it made me happier.
The universe still takes me by surprise.

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