We were hanging out in the restaurant downstairs; golden light falling through the huge windows. I waiting behind the bar for our guests to arrive.

“Your Italian is perfect but you speak Danish very well too. It really is incredible.”
“Yeah, well. (?) I am Danish you know.”
“Whaddyamean ? Danish ? So you have…you know…Danish citizenship ?”
“Yeah, are you kidding? I’m Danish though I spent 15 years in Italy.”
“Oh. Will you marry me ?”
“Ha, ha. That’s good. Heh. But you ought not ask a girl to marry you like this…”
(grabbing a vase with flowers from the nearest table and going down on one knee)
“K, will you marry me ?”
“Come on – (giggling) – this is…. it’s not… come on, get up…”
“K, will you marry me ? Please ? I need your citizenship….”

I blushed in spite of myself.

7 thoughts on “Offer

  1. Hi Nix@
    good to se you're alive and rocking =).
    First of all:
    Ought your first question not be:
    Well, K, are you married then ?

    And no, the guy isn't Danish, he's from Macedonia (fruity and nice, hah =)


  2. Nix:
    You and I both know that I cannot wait to get married. I am worth nothing without that ring, and everything will fix itself once I get married. It will be a dream come true and the fulfilling of *all* of my aspirations and goals in life BLAH BLAH BLAH-

    what do *you* think ?

  3. No. If he had been able to find one though, he would have. Actually I think he would have done pretty much anything I would have asked him, if he thought I might say yes. He needs it badly it seems =).

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