I love unfinished graffiti. Or the kind where somebody starts to write, then have a change of mind and cancel or cover up. I mean, come on; it’s not like you’re doing worldclass art here. You have a very short time, you have the guts to write on somebody’s wall, though it’s illegal. At least make up your mind about what you have to say that makes it worth the risk. No?
Or is covered-up graffiti the street-equivalent to kleptomania?
The powerful urge to just have to write/steal *something*, never mind what?
A busdriver honked his horn appreciatively when i whooshed by him, yesterday on my bicycle.
Nice, I am not one to turn down a compliment.
But he had a busload full of people smiling and waving behind him, probably thinking what *I* was thinking: “flirting should be something between 2 persons, not something to share with a load of passengers”.
I obviously still haven’t gotten used to Italians putting their appreciations on display like that*.

Weather’s very strange today, I had to leave my bicycle at home as it was raining this morning.

*and of the fact that he was speaking on his mobile *and* turning his head to see me better. Hell, he’s driving a bus and is in charge of the safety of all those passengers

5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. how about:
    i have to write something on the wall (just anything) so people will notice i exist since i’m still a teen-ager and nobody cares what i think about and i have to claim my place in the world and sooner or later (much much later in italy or never) i’ll dress differently than my mates and do not give a shit if they don’t approve… and my dad is wrong… and if she leaves me i’m dead…. bla bla bla
    but for chrissssake why the hell they have to use the same iconography of black rebels in USA
    try to invent a new one… young retarded bastards
    oh and… nothing’s wrong with whistling while walking…

  2. @penpal:
    Oh I am whistling =) It’s been a good couple of days and especially a busdrivers flirt can make me smile. I mean, braving all these passengers to signal he liked me ? Courage, thumbs up for that.
    Have a good day

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