pumpkin soup

I didn’t finish all the pumpkin soup yesterday, so tonight I reduced the pumpkin soup to a velvety orange cream while letting thin slices of bacon fry until crisp. Grated some pecorino cheese while the pasta was cooking. And tossed it all in a big pan and drizzled with good extra vergine. Delicious while slighty heavy – we’re still on the tooo hot side of summer in Italy.
And I have got leftovers for lunch tomorrow =).

On a whole different note, I have actually started (actively) preparting for my departure. I already told my flatmate I am leaving, today we agreed on me not paying rent this month, we will be square with the deposit I gave her when I moved in here. Sort of nice as finances are short and I am bound to have a lot of money trickling away once I start leaving.
I made a list of movers that might take good care of the very little stuff I need to ship to Denmark. Surprisingly (yeah, right) it is mostly shoes (ehm…. If any of you girls out there are willing to spill your beans about how many pairs you have, I will spill mine too =)), books and clothes.
Shouldn’t be too expensive.

A collegue wants to have a drink with me tomorrow night; really weird as we don’t speak much, but I accepted the offer and am very curious as of what she has to say. I think I might have an idea, but I will keep my acqua in bocca as we say; “water in the mouth” – literally meaning you won’t say a thing. You can’t =).


I’m off for a drink with my roommate and her BF; I have been active enough for today.

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