I had just the kind of Sunday I dreamed about when imagining coming back to Dk.
Slow, lazy Sunday mornings with long coffees, lit candles, John Mayer on the stereo and a fire lit (bonus). Then brother arrived with wife and 2 whirlwind-kids, just happy to see me after the initial disappointment of not having to take a plane to come see me. They brought gifts, homemade chocolate cake, a fave Barolo and a huge plant that I love and then they set off to jump in my bed (the kids that is….).
Later we went out for lunch and then footballgame in the Park. I am not much into football, but I am very much into seeing Bro unwind and become totally relaxed, a kid again.
His thing, and I sure love to see him do it. I had one to many beers ( but followed the game nicely and at least managed to yell and boo and cheer in the right places for the right reasons =) ) so I walked home afterwards through the fabulous, eternal nightfall that I so love in Denmark. Everything becomes such a unique shade of blue and dark comes so slowly as if it has all the time in the world. I wanted to linger and walk through Assistens Kirkegård, it seemed magic, but I resisted and went straight home to more candles, hot chocolate, and more John Mayer.

Oh yeah. I’m in love with this already.

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