Did I mention that I am cold ?

I can’t even fool myself anymore; shopping is not going to solve my problem. No amount of (new) pantyhose layered under (new) leggings layered under (old) jeans (jeans I wouldn’t be caught dead in normally – my skintight beautiful jeans won’t ….. contain… all them pantyhose and leggings) can keep me warm. I am layering sweaters (my woollen ones are fine but I wear 3 at a time and I have to hand wash them goddammit!) on top of tunikas, tshirts, wifebeaters, turtlenecks ecc. I prepare for bed in the evening, get undressed, and there! In one swift move there’s a pile of laundry equal to one washingmachine ready.
I am not built for this climate.

I look (ok, I stare) at people (curiously) in buses, trains and on the streets. And I want to rip their jackets open to see what they are wearing underneath. I want to see with my own eyes how the Danes keep warm. I feel like I’m 10 again, and all the girls are in on A Secret and nobody will tell me. What do you know that I don’t know???

I have a beautiful wool/silk bomber that has lasted me 7 years in Italy. Admittedly, I own maybe 10 or 15 coats/jackets/trenches/outergarments so they were on heavy rotation – I like to change according to mood and what I’m wearing. Anyway. This particular bomber is not too chunky (not even with 3 sweaters underneath) but very warm. And I haven’t been able to wear anything else for what seems an eternity. Today it gave up, with a little ripping sound the zipper gave up and split down the middle. I know already that it can’t be fixed; it has been examined and given up on, by one of the finest seamstresses in Florence (the zipper has always been a little… stubborn). It can’t be fixed. The silk is too fragile and the zipper is no standard measure.
It lasted me 7 years in Italy and 3 months in Denmark. Might as well chuck it out, but my heart is bleeding. RIP.

Now I have one other option. My beautiful 100% wool (insert italian designer here) jacket. Which fortunately has no zipper that may rip. *Or* buttons actually. Just a belt to … sort of wrap things up. I might have to invent some safety-pin-system (italian designer crying…) to close it, but then again. It was designed to make me look pretty, not keep me warm. I think I might have to get myself a …. cocoon*.
There is another solution but it will be absolutely last measure.

*and yes I know the obvious solution is a Canada Goose but I can’t spend that kind of money right now.
Unless I sell my beautiful 100% wool (insert italian designer here) jacket of course …

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