Danish kisses

Death by chocolate…

I am watching the remake of one of my alltime fave movies “The Omen”.

But I focus only on the sweat on his face, dark with shadows when he wakes up in the middle of the night.
And on the rose petals falling as she falls. Drifting through the air. Weightless.
The big wall in my livingroom has taken on an eerie quality against the dark behind it, it looks like something drawn or photoshopped. Something unnatural, something fake.
My breathing is shallow and I am keenly aware of my chest rising and falling too fast under the dress I am wearing, the fabric clinging to me. I’m too hot and I end up blowing out the candles in the windowsill.
This movie really gets to me.
I stray, can’t concentrate on the tv at all, i look at the inside of my arm, my pulse is quick and visible, blood pumping. Fast. The flowers on the table look strangely alive, as if they were some monstrous creatures, sending their heady perfume out into the night.

I’m overdosing on chocolate. And it is heaven.

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