Danish kisses

Danish kisses.

I haven’t be able to do nothing useful tonight. I pushed all my to-do-things yet another day ahead and submitted to pure pleasure. I made Baci Danesi (danish kisses as opposed to Baci Perugini (Perugia kisses) – an Italian chocolate classic) – pure dark chocolate treats filled with crushed almond, coconut shreds and freshly ground coffee beans.
And then I ate until I had enough and watched Beautiful Minds, a series of English documentaries about the greatest brains of today – the catch obviously being that the greatest brains today belong to otherwise able people eg. autistics, down syndroms and blind people. Wonderful documentaries that really set me thinking (yeah, well not too much, I was OD’ing on chocolate remember?), I saw them from YouTube – see one here.

Then Mahjongg on the laptop, fertilized my orchid, knitted a few rounds on my woollen scarf (yes, I knit), and at last hot ginger tea to try (once again) to chase away this cold that won’t bloom nor go away. And now I’ll try and sleep, I’m tired these days and I can’t seem to get rest enough.

Danish kisses:

  • 2 1/2 cups finely shredded coconut
  • 1/2 cup of almonds, chopped as finely as you like (I love mine chunky)
  • 220 g dark chocolate, chopped
  • 3 tablespoon finely ground espresso beans (optional but heavenly)
  • a big grain of finishing salt – I use the smoked one I got in Denmark mmmm…

Mix the coconut and the almonds in a bowl while you melt the chocolate (in another bowl) over boiling water and toss in the coffeebeans. Once the chocolate has melted, mix with coconut and almonds and leave for a few minutes to cool. Shape small Danish kisses into tops, hearts/whatever with the mixture on waxed paper, sprinkle with salt (careful not to exaggerate) and leave to cool completely.

Eat and sing =)

Update March 2018: I have since tried to locate the English documentaries in order to link to them. I couldn’t find the original documentary, but I located one of the videos. See it using the link above.

7 thoughts on “Danish kisses

  1. Ja, Prato er nu ellers ikke noget specielt men jeg er blevet glad for den paa samme maade som man bliver glad for et par gamle sutsko. De er bekvemme og hyggelige men ikke satans koenne. Ser du bor i Umbria. Der har jeg boet i 4 aar, i Perugia

  2. yeah yeah you basrtad (he he) this is an english written blog and you start with that rotten language…ah no that was the country…sez the bard… not me… Kopenhaven is so lovely… so is Arhus… so is..

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