What’s up with The Fall ???? Referring to Norah Jones’ latest album here, not Tarsem Singhs’ brilliant visual orgasm of a masterpiece movie. I am so disappointed. Sounds like she has been put through the mainstream-synthpop-overproduced-alienating-dreamy-overfiltered-voice-machine. What happened to her very personal, intimate sound ? This album seems lifeless to me. And plain sad, at…Continue Reading “The Fall”

love hands

Very much in love or The Story of an Ungrateful B*tch 2 years ago, I was very much in love. And the Valentines Day of two years ago, was the last one I spent as part of a couple. I looked for a blog-post of mine from that day, but it wasn’t there. I did…Continue Reading “Two years ago I was very much in love or The Story of an Ungrateful B*tch”

…”You’re actually surrounded by snakes, some people are just waiting for you to go down, but I know that’s not gonna happen”. …”and they’re so curious, they speculate as to why a woman like you doesn’t have a boyfriend. They just don’t understand who you are, don’t think about it.” Well, I didn’t. Until now….Continue Reading “A few things I didn’t need to know”